The Iranian carpet stands as a symbol and testament to the rich heritage of Iran, weaving together threads of history, culture, and honor. Across the tapestry of time, this cherished art form, adorned with a myriad of colors, has graced homes, palaces, and every corner where the river of life has gently streamed. In the realm of space, carpets hold the power to bestow identity, and the Iranian carpet, a sublime exemplar of this artistry, casts its enchanting spell.

Here at C Gallery, we embark on a journey to preserve the essence of these timeless creations. We delicately frame fragments of aged carpets, not merely as an act of conservation but as a celebration of the original and unique beauty they encapsulate. In doing so, we invite you to embrace the elegance of history and infuse your living space with the exquisite allure of Iranian carpet art.​